About me

I have a strong awareness of the impact art (and also decoration) can have on our physical and emotional wellness.
I like to produce "feel good" art-  drawing most of my inspiration from nature that surrounds me here in Sarasota Florida. The Siesta Key shores inspires much of my art but I also love flowers and other beautiful treasures this amazing location offers.  
Most of my dreamscapes can be described as aquatic. Others are warm with flowers.
I create mixed media pieces which include use of oil pastels, acrylics, collages with my photography, watercolors and colored pencils. The size of the art varies  with small jewel pieces to medium-sizes.
Originals and fine art prints are both available.
Water and minerals are my main source of inspiration but the 4 natural elements serve a central role.
These elements come together in a joyous dance of creation: the water is bubbly and giggly and calls the other elements to come and join the dance-  something is about to birth.
The orbs represent conscious entities from the macro (stars such as the Sun) to the micro (elementals such as atoms).
Trained in decoration and in art, health and well-being are also passions of mine.

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